Indian Tea & Coffee印式茶和咖啡



31. Indian Tea                                     印度奶茶                                  10.0 RMB

A memorable blend of spices and popular Indian tea cooked with milk and cardamom.




32. Hot Coffee                                    热咖啡                                      15.0 RMB

Made with light cream and sugar, foamed and topped with espresso.






33. Cold Coffee                                  冰咖啡                                      18.0 RMB

Made with milk, sugar topped with ice.







Soups 汤类


34. Chicken Cream Soup                    奶油鸡汤                                  20.0 RMB

Delicately mild creamy chicken soup.





35. Chicken Hot & Sour Soup            酸辣鸡汤                                  20.0 RMB

A spicy soup made with garlic, green chilly and chicken pieces.




36. Taj's Special Soup                        玉米鸡汤                                  22.0 RMB

A special chicken soup with sweet corn & vegetables.






37. Tomato Soup                                番茄汤                                      20.0 RMB

A spicy blend of tomatoes, bread crumbed with aromats.