38. Samosa (Vegetable)                             咖喱角                              22.0 RMB

Vegetable trangle turnovers stuffed with shredded potatoes, green peas & nuts





39. Samosa (Non-Vegetable)                        羊肉咖喱角                       26.0 RMB

Deep fried triangle turnovers stuffed with minced cooked mutton, green peas & nuts





40. Onion Bhajia                                 香炸洋葱                           25.0 RMB

Onion rings marinated in spice, battered dipped and deep fried.




41. Subzi Pakora                                香炸杂菜                           25.0 RMB

Fresh vegetables,deep fried with Besan flour & tender spices.





42. Samosa Chaat/Aloo Chaat            咖喱角沙律/薯仔少律       24.0 RMB

Mashed Samosa in a freshly ground appetizing spices & Chickpeas.






43. Chicken Chaat                               印式鸡肉沙律                   30.0 RMB

Diced chicken in a freshly ground appetizing spices.






44. Chicken Drums of Heaven            印式炸翅根                       40.0 RMB

Tender piece of chicken deep fried with genuine Masala






45. Chicken Pakora                            香炸鸡肉条                       40.0 RMB

Deep fried chicken with chickpea flour & tender spices.