Side Dishes配菜类


46. Papadams                                         脆薄饼                    10.0 RMB

Roasted lentil wafers.



47. Masala Papadams                             玛沙拉脆薄饼        15.0 RMB

Spiced lentil wafers sprinkled with tongue tingling spices.



48. Green Salad                                      印式蔬菜沙拉        16.0 RMB

Garden fresh vegetables.



49. French Fries                                     香炸薯条                16.0 RMB

Finely cut potatoes and deep fried in the vegetables oil.



50. Kachumber Salad                             印式生蔬菜沙拉    18.0 RMB

Dices of selected vegetables in a tangy lemon dressing.



51. Raita (Cucumber/Mix/Pineapple)       酸奶 (黄瓜、杂烩、菠萝)     22.0 RMB

Carefully seasoned yoghurt with chopped cucumber/onion/tomato and pineapple.