Chicken Specialties   ʽ


69. Chicken Curry                                               40.0 RMB

Blend of spices that is unique with fresh onions, and tomatoes gravy.


70. Chicken Cream                   Ϳ଼                   42.0 RMB

Chicken simmered in a fresh cream and cashew nuts with thick gravy.


71. Chicken Kadhai                  ӡʽཷ               42.0 RMB

Chicken cooked with capsicum and real spices from northern india.


72. Butter Chicken                   Ϳ଼                   42.0 RMB

Boneless chicken cooked with butter and tomato gravy.


73. Chicken Tikka Masala        ֭ռ               42.0 RMB

Tender juicy chicken cooked in tomato gravy.


74. Chicken Vindaloo                                 42.0 RMB

For true adventurer and one with passion of spicy Chicken & potatoes.


75. Chicken Saag Wala            ղ˼                   45.0 RMB

Boneless chicken cooked in green spinach.


76. Chicken Do Pyaza              ӡʽ֭                   42.0 RMB

Boneless chicken prepared in the classic style with onions & tomato gravy.


77. Chicken Taj's Special         ɫռ                       45.0 RMB

Traditional indian style with chef 's specials condiments.


78. Chicken Rara                      ֭                   43.0 RMB

Chicken and fresh ground spices with minced mutton.


79. Chicken Shahi Korma        Ũ֭                   45.0 RMB

An ancient Mughlai dish cooked on a slow fire with cashew nut & onion gravy and mild spices.


80. Prawns Curry                     Ϻ                           70.0 RMB

Prawns cooked with fresh onion,tomato gravy & exotic spices.


81. Egg Curry                                                  38.0 RMB

Egg cooked in freshly ground hot spices in tomato & onion gravy.


82. Fish Curry                                                     40.0 RMB

Fried pieces of fish cooked in spices with tomato & onion gravy.