Mutton Specialties   羊内特式


83. Mutton Curry                  咖喱羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

Mutton cooked in traditional kashmiri masala for delicious flavour.


84. Mutton Do Piaza             印式羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

A blend of spices that is unique with onions,tomatoes & thick gravy.


85. Seekh Kabab Masala      玛沙拉羊肉                                 47.0 RMB

Fully cooked minced barbecue mutton in charcoal oven with onion,tomato and dry Seekh Masalas.


86. Mutton Saag Wala          菠菜羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

Saag means spinach or other greens,A true labor of love. We cook the spinach with mutton & exotic spices.


87. Mutton Kadhai                青椒羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

Mutton cooked with capsicum and genuine spices form northern indian style.


88. Mutton Rara                    杂碎羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

Mutton cooked in kastoori methi and freshly ground hot spices and herbs.


89. Mutton Shahi Korma      腰果浓汁羊肉                             46.0 RMB

An ancient Mughlai dish with boneless pieces of mutton cooked on a slow fire in cashew nut & onion gravy.


90. Keema Mutter                 青豆羊肉                                     45.0 RMB

Minced mutton cooked with fresh green peas cooked in delicate gravy.


91. Mutton Vindaloo            土豆香辣羊肉                             45.0 RMB

Highly spiced mutton cooked in a sharp, tangy sauce favorite from south India.