Vegetarian Specialties  蔬菜特式


92. Dal Makhani                                 印度红豆                              42.0 RMB

A true labor of love,black lentils are cooked on slow heat then tossed with fresh butter and cream.



93. Yellow Dal/Tarka                         印度黄扁豆                          42.0 RMB

Yellow lentils tempered in home style.


94. Rajma Makhani                             印度花芸豆                          42.0 RMB

Red beans are cooked on slow heat then tossed with garlic & ginger in home style.


95. Channa Masala                              印度黄豆                              42.0 RMB

Chickpea cooked in traditional indian style in exotic spicy.


96. Paneer Kadhai                               青椒芝士咖喱                      43.0 RMB

Paneer cooked with capsicum in genuine spices from northern india.


97. Mutter Paneer                               青豆芝士咖喱                      43.0 RMB

Fresh home made cubes of cheese lightly fried and cooked with green peas and tomato gravy.


98. Shahi Paneer                                 芝士咖喱                              43.0 RMB

Fresh cottage cheese cooked in shahi gravy with herbs.


99. Aloo Mutter                                  土豆青豆咖喱                      40.0 RMB

Green peas,fresh diced potatoes cooked with sharp gravy.