Vegetarian Specialties  蔬菜特式


100. Malai Kofta                      腰果芝士咖喱                   45.0 RMB

Cottage cheese stuffed with cashewnuts in a rich sauce.


101. Mushroom Masala            蘑菇玛沙拉                       43.0 RMB

Fresh pieces of mushroom cooked with special masala.


102. Baigan Bharta                   印式烩茄子                       40.0 RMB

Egg plant rosated in clay oven,mashed and cooked.


103. Mixed Vegetables            杂烩蔬菜                           42.0 RMB

Garden fresh vegetables in an excellent blend of spices and condiments.


104. Aloo Gobhi Masala          薯烩椰菜花                       42.0 RMB

A dry preparation of cauliflower and potatoes special spices indian home style.


105. Dum Aloo Kashmiri         特芝烩薯球                       43.0 RMB

Barbecued potatoes stuffed with nuts,Cheese and raisins cooked in gravy with spices from kashmiri style.


106. Paneer Makhani               印式芝士咖喱                   43.0 RMB

Cottage cheese cooked in less spiced tomato gravy with a flavoured butter and cream.


107. Paneer Saag                      芝士菠菜                           43.0 RMB

Minced spinach cooked with home made cheese, herbs and spices.