Tandoori Nan Breads     ӡ૱


116. Nan                        ԭζ૱                       10.0 RMB

Leavened bread baked in tandoor.


117. Butter Nan                                    13.0 RMB

Buttered bread with layers baked on the wall of Tandoor.


118. Garlic Nan                                    15.0 RMB

Unleavened bread stuffed with garlic,then baked in Tandoor.


119. Paneer Nan            ֥ʿ૱                       16.0 RMB

Nan stuffed with fresh cottage cheese and baked on the wall of Tandoor.


120. Keema Nan                                   16.0 RMB

Multi layered unleavened bread stuffed with minced mutton and spices.


121. Vegetable Stuff Nan  ߲૱                   15.0 RMB

Nan stuffed with minced vegetable and baked on the wall of Tandoor.


122. Tandoori Roti/Chapati                      12.0 RMB

Thin unleavened wheat bread cooked in the Tandoor/Tawa.


123. Aloo Paratha                 б                    15.0 RMB

Paratha stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes.


124. Pudina Paratha              ɱ                    15.0 RMB

Paratha baked with the fresh flavour of mint.


125. Lachha Paratha             ;            15.0 RMB

Thin layered buttered bread.


126. Onion Kulcha                б                    15.0 RMB

Bread stuffed with lightly spiced chopped onions.